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A Great Drone Camera for a Greater Price

Drone cameras have transformed the field of aerial photography to the maximum level. With its flying capacity, it can definitely capture wide (wider as your view can reach) sceneries for better results. Getting that perfect birds-eye-view perspective in a photo or video is a lot reliable when it doesn’t involve risking life in an airplane or helicopter. Drones have also made it possible to get shots that are impossible for traditional camera setups – tilting and whirling quickly with 360 degrees of motion.

Meet the Striker Spy Drone

See the world from a whole new perspective with the 2.4GHz, 4.5CH Striker Spy Drone from World Tech Toys. This full-featured RC drone camera features 4-channel control movements for up, down, forward, and backward movement as well as easy strafing and turning. The built-in gyro keeps it stable even while capturing through picture or video to the onboard SD card.

The Striker Spy Drone comes with an integrated HD camera onboard and built-in shutter stabilization. It can film up 30 minutes and shoot up to 50,000 photos. Thanks to the embedded gyro on board, it can fly smoothly regardless of the weather conditions. What a great feature that can really compete with other brands of drone cameras.

On top of being able to snap aerial views and images, you can also perform rounds, tricks, and flips in mid-air courtesy of the 4 rotating motors and 4.5 channel gyro. If aerobatics are your thing, you’ll be pulling loops and 360 flip moves in no time, courtesy of the Striker’s finely-calibrated 4.5 channel gyro and four rotating motors. The Striker also has you covered if you’re an inexperienced pilot – you get four spare rotor blades to rebuild in the event of a mid-air (or mid-tree or mid-driveway) collision.

Drone flying is a wildly fun hobby, but can also be an expensive one. Sometimes, it can also be your source of income. As if the rock-bottom price wasn’t incentive enough, the hardy Striker drone comes with full surveillance capabilities right out of the box, including an integrated HD camera with built-in shutter stabilization. That means you can shoot up to 50,000 crystal-clear photos of your high-flying exploits. What a wonderful feature for the price of less than $60.