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The Secret for Effective Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy

If you’re a hotel owner and you are looking for an internet marketing strategy to boost your business, then you are in the right place. We are all aware that hospitality marketing is not always easy. Many marketing companies will simply try their hardest to sell you their service. Sometimes, they neglect to explain the steps involved and why each step is important to the positive outcome you are working toward as a company.


On the other hand, designing your own marketing plan is time-consuming and draining. Your effort, as well as the admin, is needed in order to come up with an effective strategy. Creating your own page on social media platforms is also time-consuming and needs a lot of energy.


Encourage Interaction with Social Media

Social media for hotels can be difficult. In fact, some hotel chains have created accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because it was recommended to them. They worked hard to attract people only to be disappointed when their updates and content didn’t reach the number of people they anticipated.


Linking to your social media pages from your hotel website, and ensuring that they are checked regularly, can help encourage potential guests to contact you there. You may also want to add a tagline to your website, such as, “contact us on Facebook or Twitter with any questions we may answer about your stay”—to encourage this behavior.


BUT social media is not enough. You need more. Your HOTEL needs more!


The best strategy to do is SEO.


The Secret Strategy

One of the most important strategies for hospitality marketing involves ensuring the visibility of your page or website on search engines. This can be done through a process called search engine optimization or most commonly known as SEO.


Nowadays, SEO for hotels is a must since we are already living in a techy world. All of us have at least one smartphone, tablets, laptops, or any gadget that can connect to each of our social media accounts. If you’re new to the concept of SEO, do not worry, there are lots of company that can help you with this task. You just have to know that search engine optimization involves making critical updates to your website’s content, code, links, and occasionally layout to improve its likelihood of ranking in user searches. Essentially, it’s the process by which you improve your hotel’s website to make it more likely to show up when someone searches.


Add-on Strategy

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is another way that you can increase and expand your hotel’s visibility in search results. Searches on Google and other search engines don’t deliver just natural or organic results—they also deliver paid ads that have been placed there by companies or businesses.