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The Art of Landscaping

The landscaping art goes way back and people have been doing it for centuries, for example, the hanging gardens of Babylon, and even before that. It is now that people have smaller spaces and they hire professionals to get the landscaping done so that every inch is used effectively and not an inch is wasted to add an aesthetic appeal to the whole place. Landscaping is not only a pleasure to the eyes but is a retreat in itself.

There are lot of options for landscaping and you can let your imagination wild with ideas from the weird to really out of the world experiences. The landscaping of front or backyard is not all but even huge spaces can be landscaped but availability of such spaces is rare.


The landscaping is mainly into softscape and hardscape where the softscape refers to the plants and hardscape to the terrain and structures to be used.

Since all now feel they have to do their bit for the environment, many opt for the eco friendly landscaping where there is water saving and is like natural habitat and does not bother the natural flora and fauna. The trees that were previously existing and naturally there are tried to retain in the structure, if rocks and other small creeks that add to the scape are retained to give it more natural look.

There are other who want a place to relax and chill out with friends and family with a garden party area with a fire pit and swimming, the theme may be tropical or modern has to be discussed with landscaping professional who will suggest what would appeal and suit the requirements of the area to be landscaped.

Dos and don’ts of landscaping  

  • Well, landscaping is not kitchen gardening, so it is much more costly affair.
  • Don’t go into the “do it yourself” mode, take the help of the professionals for guidance or you will end up with disasters.
  • Check out ideas from the internet, magazines, friends’ homes and the professional who you have hired will run you through his ideas. So you will have fair amount of buzz in your head to go with a solid backup.

Choose the plants wisely: It is not about the color of flowers or the foliage but there are several factors you should know before choosing your plants. First, what kinds of plants will be able to survive in the climate of Kitchener and choose accordingly. Second, find how tall the trees grow, so that you can choose the planting spots accordingly. Also, you need to decide what shade you want, what kind of coverings you wish for with the plants and of course the design. All these factors play an important role in plant choices. Then, the water requirement factor needs to be thought about. If it is a plant that needs constant watering, think if you have the time and resources to do it. So, choose the plants as per your area.