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Best Alternative Websites For Craigslist

Craigslist was one of the pioneer websites namely classified advertisements in newspapers.  It is still going strong despite being created back in the 90s, thanks to its simple design and spontaneous system of organizing advertisements by region so people can shop closer to home.  Also, shopping with classified ads takes some difficulties out of using more self-contained online marketplaces, for instance, paying service fees or worrying about someone else having to hold onto your personal or financial information.  though, this means that you have to do more of the searching when it comes to buying or selling, and Craigslist, most likely won’t come to your rescue if a deal goes sour.



Kijiji is Craigslist’s biggest competitor in Canada. Like Craigslist, it targets on localized advertisement portals and handy galleries for browsing and search.  However, all advertisements on it are free, and it includes stronger content filters to wipe out scammers.



eBay is more of a self-contained e-commerce platform compared to classified advertising website like Craigslist. eBay is most popular for letting users bid on things that they want in auctions, however, many items on it can now be bought for fixed prices.  For some items, you can even negotiate a price that both you and the seller think is fair.



LetGo is quite a new website and mobile application pair which is similar to Craigslist.  Based in New York City, it has quickly become very famous because it’s both free and simple.

Once you download LetGo on your smartphone and create an account, you can easily use your smart phone’s camera to take a clear picture of what you want to sell and set a price for the item or items and then wait for local buyers to privately message you about getting a deal done.  



Oodle is another popular Craigslist substitute.  It is one of the biggest classified advertisement collections on the Internet today, pulling from sources such as eBay, ForRent, MySpace, and local listings from newspapers in main cities and metropolitan areas.



Recycler is an online classified comparable to Craigslist that was re-launched way back 2010 to serve the entire United States.  Like Oodle, Recycler has started integrating with social media, allowing you to post your advertisements on your Facebook wall or in local print publications and might as well on the website. As with Craigslist, most advertisements are free, however, some require you to pay money in order to post them or get premium features.